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Privacy policy Art Of Automation

For Art Of Automation, the interest of the customer – your interest – always has the highest priority. This means that we offer technical and connection services, products and solutions that are valuable to you and correspond with your situation. Based on integrity and mutual respect.

Integrity and Respect

Like any other company, Art Of Automation is bound by law in consideration of personal information. Personal information is information that can be traced back to natural persons. Art Of Automation supports the principles laid down in the law. This statement is an elaboration on the legal protection of how the personal information is dealt with.

Use of information

Art Of Automation uses the personal information issued by you to advice you about the implementation of the products, services and solutions as good as possible. Your personal information is available to all parts of Art Of Automation, so that the advice issued or the service rendered, can always be well-considered and balanced. In this, the internal and legal regulations for the exchange of personal information shall remain in full effect. In addition, this information is used to prevent, detect and fight unlawful use or misuse. If you do not wish to receive information about services and products, you can notify the Marketing and Communication department of Art Of Automation.


Art of Automation shall process personal information with great care. It only uses the details necessary for optimal services. Insofar not dictated by law or obligations towards you to which Art Of Automation has committed, no personal information is issued to third parties without consent.


Art Of Automation does not gather or use any information and details for other purposes than those specified in this statement, unless we have been given prior permission thereto.


When you have a relationship with Art Of Automation, you can ask (the relevant part of) Art Of Automation what information of you it processes and have it corrected in case of inconsistencies. You can request an overview of your information in writing, at Art Of Automation. A request to remove personal information is always possible

Retention period

Art Of Automation shall not retain personal information longer than legally permitted and necessary for the realization of the purpose for which the information is processed. How long certain information is retained, depends on the nature of the information and the purposes for which it is processed. This means that the retention period may differ depending on its purpose.


This privacy statement can be adjusted without prior notice in case of changes in the conduct of business at Art Of Automation. It is advisable to consult this privacy statement regularly.


If you have any questions or comments concerning our privacy policy:

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