AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange)

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As a member of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), Art Of Automation has the option to connect directly with various networks. This guarantees optimal exchange of data traffic.

Redundant connection

The platform of AMS-IX has points of presence in multiple data centres in the Amsterdam region. All data centres are connected through multiple routes. In case of an outage internet traffic can be redirected via another route.

Peering through AMS-IX

By connecting to the AMS-IX the possibility rises to peer with a great number of international organizations. This reduces the need to use a transit provider for our IP-traffic.


When you are connected to the internet, the information you requested can be send to you through routes all across the world, with high latency as a consequence. By keeping local traffic local, the latency is being kept as low as possible.

Wholesale Partner Program

  • No high investments required
  • Maintain your own customers
  • Attractive earnings

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