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Kaseya delivers a platform for managing IT enviroments proactively. Based on an agreed policy, all thinkable tasks can be automated so that the performance and security of IT are guaranteed. Through Kaseya we manage the rollout of software releases and updates at our customers.


The mission of Kaseya is to simplify IT management for every kind of organization. The products of Kaseya help take the complexity out of IT management. The success of organizations is dependent on effective, efficient and secure IT management.


The solutions of Kaseya save time and money so that you can focus on creating added value for your clients. Kaseya takes care of automating repetitive tasks in a central place.

Happy users

With the products of Kaseya you contribute to the happiness of your IT users. Problems can be detected and solved quickly or prevented alltogether by rolling out measures for all work stations.

Wholesale Partner Program

  • No high investments required
  • Maintain your own customers
  • Attractive earnings

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