IT Monitoring

Are you sure that your insight into the utilization and availability of all your IT components is sufficient? Often problems can be prevented, by acting timely on data that your devices are sharing. Allow us to monitor this so that you know exactly what is going on and when there is a need for action.

Real time insight

Our service offers you real time insight into performance and usage statistics. Reliable forecasts are generated based on this information so that you have complete awareness and control over all your IT components. With IT Monitoring, nasty surprises will belong to the past, because we inform you with:

  • Alerts via email
  • Alerts via SMS
  • Real time and historical information via an online portal
  • Regular reports

Proactive IT Monitoring

You will have clear insight into trends and incidents by measuring usage and availability. This will enable you to anticipate on future events. With help of the data we share, we enable you to take action by preventing future problems.

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  • Attractive earnings

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