Fixed Telephony

Our fixed telephony service allows you to call using your own phone system (PBX) via our IP network or via our hosted telephony solution. Calling through an IP PBX phone system also involves a number of benefits for your organization.


Fixed telephony of Art Of Automation is a scalable service. If you are currently using ISDN-2 or ISDN-30, you are bound to a limited number of channels for calls. We will connect you from 1 to an unlimited number of channels. By using our fixed telephony services, you are not stuck with one supplier for telephony hardware. Even if you’re using legacy telephony equipment with ISDN connection, fixed telephony may be interesting for your organization. We provide the hardware that allows you to connect your current ISDN phone system to our VoIP network. This allows you to benefit from our reliable network and the competitive rates without having to invest in new equipment.


Since the VoIP protocol is built based on the TCP/IP stack, the availability and reliability of the telephony connection can easily be guaranteed. If your company has several branches, these can all be connected to the same PBX. The calls made within the network, are free of charge.

Features Fixed Telephony

Your connection to our hosted telephony platform involves a large number of convenient features. Below you’ll find a selection of the possibilities in our hosted telephony solutions. Ask our telephony specialists for all possible extensions, such as a front desk station and a connection to Microsoft Lync. We have telephony specialists at our disposal who provide installation and support. With telephony of Art Of Automation, you won’t face any surprises, because we record all agreements in a Service Level Agreement.

  • Online management portal
  • Hotdesking
  • SimulRing
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Teleconferencing
  • Queues
  • Option menus
  • Hunt groups
  • Budget management


Fixed and mobile telephony are integrated at Art Of Automation in such a way that your customer requires no more than one number to be able to reach you anywhere. Via our online portal, you can easily configure your accessibility. The integration solutions of Art Of Automation give your mobile phone the same features as a landline phone.

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