Mobile Telephony

To be able to provide optimal service to your customers, it is important to be easy to reach. With the mobile telephony solution of Art Of Automation, customers can reach you at any given time and at any given location. Not just through telephone calls, but also through business e-mail, SMS and voicemail.


A mobile subscription with Art Of Mobile involves a wealth of possibilities. Subscriptions are easy to manage for several users via your own online portal. It displays items such as your usage and settings in an orderly fashion. You can attach a data bundle to all mobile subscriptions. In addition, you have the possibility of:

  • Multiple numbers on 1 sim card
  • Outbound calls with a landline number
  • Voicemail and SMS to e-mail
  • Employees call each other free of charge

Integration Mobile Telephony

Fixed and mobile telephony are integrated at Art Of Automation in such a way that your customer requires no more than one number to be able to reach you anywhere. Via our online portal, you can easily configure your accessibility. The integration solutions of Art Of Automation give your mobile phone the same features as a landline phone.

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  • No high investments required
  • Maintain your own customers
  • Attractive earnings

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