Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is a technology where a single optical fiber connection is used for the transport of various signals and protocols. We make sure that the number of required dark fiber connections is reduced through WDM, while the data transport capacity is expanded.

Channels & Wavelengths

The WDM-technology makes it possible that the channels in your connection are divided. Light bundles of various wavelengths are used Channels are separated through light carriers with different wavelengths through this technology to achieve this. In a way, we consolidate the different light signals over one or more paths. Company critical applications and protocols are assigned to their own WDM-channel and operate fully independent.

WDM Locations

WDM services are supplied at various sites because of our extensive partnership with different fiber optic providers. You have the possibility to use our WDM service at one of our POPs in Dutch data centers. When you have a fiber optic connection, we also provide WDM on your location (Fiber to the Office).


WDM is supplied in the following methods:

  • CWDM for short distances with relatively few channels available.
  • DWDM for longer distances or when there is a higher number of channels required.

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