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The innovative networking technologies from Juniper Networks are developed to support business critical transactions, applications and services. We use the network systems of Juniper Networks in our internet backbone to supply reliable connections.

Co-innovation partners

Juniper builds networks that spark co-innovation that actively contributes to the ideas that arise from it. The goal is bring solutions as true partners that offer added value for all involved parties.


At Juniper they believe the network is the key to achieve the full company potential. The products of Juniper are built to deliver mission-critical applications, transactions and services that are dependent on the network.

Network aspects

The network technology of Juniper outshine in three aspects: Silicon, Systems and Software. The Junos processors en the operating system have unmatched integration. Due to the simplified architecture the equipment is extremely well suited for routing, switching and security within the network.

Wholesale Partner Program

  • No high investments required
  • Maintain your own customers
  • Attractive earnings

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